Excel Plugin Function

Once you have the MDriven Turnkey Excel Plugin installed (How to install Turnkey Excel plugin), you will find it in the tab AddOns:

2018-07-09 20h05 37.png

Clicking the action brings up this window:

2018-07-09 20h08 04.png

This window contains a browser.

Paste the URL to your MDriven Turnkey application in the box at the top and press "Go".

The application shows up in the embedded browser.

Get Data from MDriven Turnkey into Excel

Find a view with a Grid of data in your application:

2018-07-09 20h12 35.png

The data you see in the FIRST GRID in the Turnkey UI will be downloaded to Excel when you press the button (A). The data will be placed in the selected cell in Excel (B).

Find Data in MDriven Turnkey Based on Excel Selection

Select some cells in Excel (A and B) and press "Seek Selected in Turnkey" (C). If the UI in MDriven Turnkey is a Seeker, then each cell's data will be "sought" after and the result will build up in the applications search result grid (D):

2018-07-09 20h21 58.png

Write Data From Excel Into the MDriven Turnkey Application

If your MDriven Turnkey UI is a seeker - and the seeker result has the key in the leftmost column, and if some columns are marked as Writable (not read-only) in the MDriven Designer ViewModel, then you can select a square section of data in Excel (A), having the key at the leftmost column and press "Write Selected to Turnkey" (B). Data in the leftmost column will be used to seek up an existing matching object - if none is found and if an Action with the name "CreateNew" is found, the action is assumed to create a new object of the same class as you have in the result list. In this case, it will be given the key. After this, other writable columns will be given their values from the Excel area you selected (C). This will work even with lookups (ComboBoxes) - as that is the preferred way to assign single links.

If any data is touched, the Save/Cancel option will show in turnkey (D).

2018-07-09 20h31 10.png

This amazing Excel-AddIn will enable you to move and update data between any Turnkey app and Excel.

Now you can satisfy a lot of ad-hoc user requirements in one elegant stroke.

Contrary to the normal “total abdication of all security concerns” that usually apply when you give access to end users to your data via Excel, MDriven Turnkey always exposes only the data you have designed in the views to the authorized persons controlled by your access groups from the model.

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