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About the Index

This index consists of names of concepts. All the concepts in MDriven should be listed in this index. Concepts interlink and use each other in MDriven but HOW they interlink is not visible in the index. The index should link to pages where you find more detailed descriptions.

  • The concepts should ideally have links to defining/explanatory pages - but when they do not, the concept is listed in the index as a clue in your search for more information elsewhere.

Three Rings

3 Rings.png

The index has 3 rings:

  1. Ring 1 describes the concepts of MDriven in terms of non-MDriven concepts, i.e. no prior knowledge of MDriven is expected/needed.
  2. Ring 2 describes MDriven concepts in relation to other MDriven concepts, i.e. the reader has the ambition of tying things together to build production-grade information systems and evolve them over long periods of time. This is the level where MDriven boosts information system development the most. This is the main focus area for an MDriven-Developer.
    • Ring 2 Meta - describes how to extend and look behind the curtain of an MDriven model.
  3. Ring 3 describes MDriven concepts in technical detail and ties them to past, existing, and coming modernity, i.e. the reader seeks to understand how things actually work in relation to the non-MDriven world. MDriven projects typically have access to at least 1 person n who is comfortable at this level. You do not need this level on a daily basis in order to solve business problems and deliver high-quality information systems with MDriven.

A concept may be listed under more than one Ring - this reflects different perspectives on the same concept.

Also check out: The_1000_Steps_Program_to_MDriven

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