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Installing TurnKey as an Azure WebApp

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This tutorial will help yo to setting up MDriven Turnkey on Microsoft Azure.

All the components needed to run MDriven Turnkey (the latest versions of MDriven Server & MDriven Turnkey) is available here for MDrivenServer and here for MDrivenTurnkey - you will need both.

You can run MDriven Turnkey on your Azure account or set it up on you local IIS. To setup on a local IIS, see Installing MDriven Server on Windows

Setting up on Azure

To start setting up your Turnkey application go to and log in under your existing account or create the new one.

First you need to create a new Web app to run your Turnkey application.

Create new Web app on Azure
Enter the name of your application and create or choose existing App Services Plan.
Name your app and choose App Services Plan

Now, we need to add virtual directory, because two applications (MDriven Server & MDriven Turnkey) running on the one site.

Go to "Application Settings" and scroll down to "Virtual applications and directories" and create another application called “__MDrivenServer” (double underscore).

Don't forget to make sure the __MDrivenServer is an application of its own (Application check box next to folder name must be checked).

Create another webapp clalled "__MDrivenServer"

Now, we need to download the publis profile, go to "Overview" and press "Get publish profile".

Get publish profile from Azure

When all these steps are done, we are ready to go to

Note: It is best to do at least the first deploy with Portal (as described below) since you then get the strong password set and init files updated for your installation - but after initial setup you can easily deploy new code for Turnkey + server via OneDrive as described here Deploy_Turnkey_on_your_own_Azure_with_OneDrive

Setting up on MDriven Portal

Open and log in under your account.

Go to "Views" -> "Show my Turnkey Sites" and "Register a New Site".

Name your application and upload publish profile to MDriven Portal and press "Create Turnkey Site" and "Save".

Now, go back to "Show my Turnkey Sites" where you can see that your new site is registered, but not deployed. Click on it and choose "Manage Turnkey Site".

Manage your site from MDriven Portal

On "Mange" page, you can request a deploy of your web site. To request deploy you need to press "Request Deploy" button and save it. Deploy takes no more than 5 minutes. When status of your site will change to "Deployed" press "Send Settings and Restart" and Save.

After these steps, you can visit your site again and see your Turnkey application.

First look of Turnkey app

Note! Each Turnkey app must have an Index viewmodel.

Now, you can go back to and open MDriven Designer to start modeling.

Video Tutorial

To make your experience more comfortable, we set the main tags mentioned in the video to the right bar menu of this mini player. Choose the interesting subtitle on the list and immediately get to the exact theme timeplace in the video. Now you can pick any topic to be instructed without watching the whole video.

Setting up MDriven Turnkey on Microsoft Azure Setting up on Microsoft Azure Setting up on MDriven Portal