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Source code license

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Some of our clients have expressed the need to have access to the source code of the MDriven-framework. The need is really obvious, but the main reasons brought forward are:

  • Understanding of “what is going on”
  • Fast local fix of discovered bugs
  • Security – knowing that one has the full source for ones products.

So we are now happy to offer the source code license.

It works like this

Source code license is issued per named developer in a licensing company.

The Source code license is priced like this (at the time of writing):

First developer at company: 3000 Euro per year subscription fee .

Additional developers at company: 1200 Euro yearly subscription fee.

The source code fee is an additional – optional – fee when licensing the MDriven framework.

The source code is not “sold” it is just “given access to”.

The source code license comes with an Non-disclosure-agreement for the purpose of protecting MDriven AB's assets.

Local changes in Source code are discouraged and should only be used as a temporary measure until MDriven AB has issued an official fix.

Source code license can only be obtained by cooperation’s an not by private persons.

Source code license does not follow Employee, if developer leaves the company, license stays with the company. In this case company should send a new developer name to be associated with the source code license.

The delivery of source code will  be done download of encrypted zip on up til 4 times per year on licensees request.

To order this send a scanned signed purchase order to

Do not forget to include your VAT-ID on the purchase order (European customers).

What is included

The source code contains all the code (c#) to compile the runtime and designtime pieces of the MDriven framework for VisualStudio. It also contains all the code (c#) to compile the MDriven Designer plugin for VisualStudio that makes up the model editor surface and toolwindow for the modlr tree. Noteworthy is that the Modlr implementation is an MDriven-application in itself – making use of the meta model on how to describe a model in UML. This governs for ease of understanding – read the meta model and find the exact same names in business code.

In short – we do not hold back – source code license contains everything (for MDriven for VisualStudio ).

Source code licensing terms

End user must agree to the following

Certain files are provided to you in source code form. You may use these files solely for the purpose of  debuging the MDriven product. These sources are confidential information. You agree to protect the source files as confidential information using not less than reasonable care and not disclose the files to third parties. You shall not (a) modify, adapt, alter, translate, or create derivative works of the source files or merge the source files with other software; (b) disclose, lease, rent or loan the sources to any third party; (c) sublicense, distribute or otherwise transfer the source files or any component thereof to any third party; (d)  remove, alter, or obscure any confidentiality or proprietary notices (including copyright and trademark notices); or (f) reproduce or use the sources except as expressly authorized under herein.  End User’s license to use the source files are conditioned upon compliance with such limitations.

Having the source code