View/Page override

You can write your own cshtml to override the built-in page renderer in Turnkey.

Accessing the Angular $scope in Javascipt Code Called Inside a Page

If used in an element, this code gets the current scope.


This will get the scope of the current element from "anywhere"

An Example with Delayed Calling of Functions

For example, using this in an on-click event (NOT ng-click) will call the function DelayedSave in the script tag of the overridden page.

Note that a button can have both an ng-click and an on-click defined and both will be called.


This example calls an action in the ViewModel called LazySave to save changes 2 seconds after the action with the on-click is executed.

  function DelayedSave(scope) {
  setTimeout(function () {
      scope.StreamingViewModelClient.CallServerAction('JournalSeeker', 'LazySave');
    }, 2000);

Read more on how to make on-click work on an angular page: Ng-click ( ngClick ) not working

See also EXT Components for overriding only a ViewModel attribute with your own code.

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