Ng-click ( ngClick ) not working

ng-click is the Angular replacement for the on-click event.

If you try to use it like below in a simple component, you get an error since you cannot bind into javascript - only HTML:

... onclick="CallFunction({{data.SomeValue}})" ....

If you try to use it like the code below, nothing happens because your CallFunction is not part of the scope - it is outside the scope:

... ng-click="CallFunction(data.SomeValue)" ....

The kosher way is to define a directive (a directive is a definition that enables you to tie html-elements to javascript-scope-data).

But if you want to solve it with minimum effort, consider this workaround:

...p1="{{data.SomeValue}}"  onclick="CallFunction(this.getAttribute('p1'))" ....

What the above code does: we use angular's ability to have bindings in HTML - but we use it in an attribute we defined ourselves. Then, we use Javascript's ability to access that attribute's value and call our function.

Doing it the Proper Way

It is easy to declare a directive in Angular and MDriven. Add this to your .js file of the Ext_Component:

function SomeFunctionToCallThatNeedContextData(ev,data) {  
   var x=data.SomeViewModenColumnName;

function InstallTheDirectiveFor_YOURNAME(streamingAppController) {  
   streamingAppController.directive('yourdirectivename', ['$document', function ($document) 
    return {                
               link: function (scope, element, attr) 
  console.trace("YOURNAME Loaded"); 


To make use of the directive, do this in the component HTML: <button yourdirectivename> When you press this, the SomeFunctionToCallThatNeedContextData will be called</button>

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