Dotnet core

MDriven Turnkey comes in a new edition for dotnet core. Currently, we build .net5.

The current version is published in this XML:

The download is found in a link formed like this:<TheVersion>.zip

We are also publishing builds to NugetProject.

Including builds for .net core and .net standard

MDrivenServer Core

Now we also publish the MDrivenServer compiled with .NetCore 3.1 which is located here:<version>.zip.

The current version is found here:

Read more about using the full MDrivenStack locally here: LocalServers

Read more on hosting MDrivenServerCore in IIS


We also publish to Nuget:

2022-08-16 10h08 39.png

Visual Studio

Visual Studio has been given new templates to help you get started with MDriven on .net Standard/Core.

2021-05-24 15h59 40.png
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