Ocl debugger

A debugger is like a detective tool for computer programs.

Imagine you’re writing a story (your program), and you want to find and fix mistakes (bugs) in it.

  • The debugger helps you:
    • Inspect: Look inside your story (code) while it’s running.
    • Pause: Stop the story at specific points (breakpoints) to examine details.
    • Follow Clues: Step through the story line by line to see what’s happening.
    • Solve Mysteries: Identify errors (bugs) and correct them.

To access the OCL Debugger, press the "play" button on the top menu of MDriven Designer (1).

A window will open. Select "XML", choose "Start system", then click on "Debugger" (2).

A second window will pop up showing "OCLExecuteAndDebug" (3).

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