MDriven Server User/Web interface

The MDriven Server allows you to access the data in your database through various interfaces. The most advanced interface is the MDriven Framework PersistenceMapper API. This API is easy to use with MDriven Framework-built applications.

  • The MDriven Frameworks PersistenceMapper API is a secure and robust way to query and retrieve your data in a multi-user environment. It allows for functions like optimistic locking, client synchronization, CRUD operations in transactions, OCL queries executed as SQL in the database, etc.
  • The MDrivenServer also offers alternate methods to access your data via JSON objects so that you can build non-MDriven savvy applications that do CRUD operations on the data in your model. Since MDrivenServer has interfaces to receive model updates from the MDrivenDesigner, the development loop from idea to deploy can be quick.
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