MDriven Server Introduction

Prototyping in the Cloud with MDriven Server

Now that we have looked at how to prototype and store data locally, let us move on to storing the data in the cloud and enabling a multi-user prototyping scenario. The easiest way to store your MDriven data in the cloud is to use an MDriver Server. MDriven Server can be installed easily on the Microsoft cloud service Azure.

The information below is a bit dated - look at the video above for a newer description of MDrivenServer.

Older Information

You can sign up for a free try-out account on Azure.


Azure 01.png

Azure 02.png

Go ahead and register a user, log in, and get this:

MDriven Server 01.png

Now, you have an MDriven Server you can use as your backend for a model-driven application or prototyping session.

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