MDrivenServer Slack web hook

When multiple developers are working against a common MDrivenServer for development, you will need to communicate with all the developers when you evolve the database. If you do not and they execute the system with an old model, they will get a lot of mismatch errors.

We have an agreed rule to write a line in Slack when evolving the dev-database. We usually write “Evolve dev”. This is a signal to developers that they must merge new code from Git and rebuild before testing.

Slack is a much-used collaboration tool. It is easy to add an integration to Slack.

We added a web-hook integration you can set:

Slack - 1 .png

Whenever someone evolves the dev system now, I get this in my Slack channel of choice:

Slack - 2.png

To set this up, create a webhook in Slack –> it is a URL that we use with Rest to write JSon –> and set it in the MDrivenServers you want to track. In MDrivenTurnkey, you can find the MDrivenServer on the <turnkeyurl>/__MDrivenServer.

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