Deploy Turnkey on your own Azure with OneDrive

If you have completed the steps to create the WebApp - where the code will reside, as described here: Installing TurnKey as an Azure WebApp - you have the option of using the Portal to deploy the code or deploying the code yourself.

These steps also apply if you need to refresh the install and update the versions of MDrivenTurnkey and MDrivenServer.

In Azure, find the Deployment Center and choose OneDrive:

2020-09-18 09h39 04.png

Follow the wizard and give the folder a name. The default is the same as the WebApp you work on:

2020-09-18 09h40 09.png

After this step, check your local OneDrive - you will find a new folder created here: C:\Users\<YourName>\OneDrive\Apps\Azure Web Apps\<YourApp>

2020-09-18 09h44 30.png

This is the folder from which the code will be taken and deployed into your app slot on Azure. It will happen when you press Sync in the resulting screen Deployment center screen:

2020-09-18 09h47 58.png

We now want to insert what code to deploy into your OneDrive folder.

You now have two zip files. Open the Turnkey zip file:

2020-09-18 09h53 29.png

Navigate down to the Application folder and copy all the contents and paste them into your OneDrive folder:

2020-09-18 09h57 11.png

In the OneDrive folder, create the container for the MDrivenServer as a directory called __MDrivenServer (two underscores):

2020-09-18 09h59 54.png

Now, open the MDrivenServer zip file, navigate to Application, and copy its contents to the __MDrivenServer folder:

2020-09-18 10h02 25.png

Head back to Azure. It is a good idea to STOP your WebApp during Sync so that the Sync is not blocked by locked files.

You can follow the progress in the Deployment Center and see a log that your code has been updated. After it is done, turn on the app and you are done.

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