Visual Studio 2022

Background of the installer

VS 2022 extensions are not backward compatible. Read this article with more details.

For historic reasons, we have delivered MDriven as an installer exe - and not as is normal in VS - a VSIX.

Starting from VS2022, we will need to rewrite and target the VSIX instead of exe.

MDriven Framework in VS2022

Download the VSIX-installer file from downloads on

Just run the file on the local computer to install or update the current installation.

Referenced Packages

If you reference MDriven packages in your code, use our Nuget packages.

Some packages in MDriven use SqlServerCe. Please add this NuGet package to resolve this reference: System.Data.SqlServerCe_unofficial

VS2022: Error Generating Code/Changes Not Saving

Problem: If you recently upgraded to VS2022 and have trouble saving your changes or got this error while trying to code generate, try this:

Model file "C:\_path_to_your_project\YourProject.ecomdl" belongs to the "Misc Files" project. 
Please add it to a real project, then close and reopen the editor tab

Solution: In the project's root folder, delete the hidden .vs folder that might contain the older backups of previous versions of VS. MAKE SURE you have checked in pending changes to GIT before deleting the .vs folder.

2023-02-24 10h22 06.png

Building the Project (Admin and Developers)

Add an environment variable RevNumber and set this to a number like 123. This variable is used by the buildscript 2022BUILDMDrivenVSIX.cmd that will inject the number into a file source.extension.vsixmanifest based on the template source.extension.vsixmanifest.template.

Later, the build engine will update the RevNumber from the svn version id.

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