MCoins can be used to pay for all MDriven services. You may also pay using a calender-based license model.

  • There are NO free services, but rather, free MCoins.
  • MCoins have a nominal value of 1 Euro.


An account has two types of MCoins:

  1. Paid MCoins
    • A lifetime of 5 years
  2. Free MCoins
    • Varying lifetime
      • Auto refill: once a week
      • Giveaways: once a year

Free MCoins are used before the Paid MCoins in an account.

Paid MCoins can be:

  1. Sold online (to fill up an account)
  2. Sold via vouchers of different kinds
    • By resellers (pre-use)
    • On an invoice (after use)

Free MCoins are given away:

  • Every week, to all accounts
  • On recruitment
  • As a giveaway

Using MCoins

  • For used time
  • For calendar time
  • Certain functions in the Designer are blocked until you log in. Once you log in, we track the Designer's day usage; used this day or not (Play, Generate code, 20 classes limit)

Prices for Used Time

  • Running the Designer "ad hoc": 2 MCs / day
  • Running a basic hosted model: 0.2 MCs / day. Each Turnkey site has a default weight factor of 1, but the admin can override this to correctly assign a cost to heavier sites. This weight factor should be automatically calculated in the future based on the model size and/or transaction amount and/or DB usage and/or production status.
  • Running a basic hosted model (MDrivenServer) on your machine: 0.1 MC/day
  • MDrivenServer features can be individually priced, but that is a future decision.
  • In the future, Azure pricing may perhaps be used as a basis for MC costs.

Prices for Calendar Time

  • Designer: 60 MCs / year
  • MDrivenServer (basic): 500 MCs / year
  • Client: 120 MCs / year

MCoin Accounts

These hold both Free and Paid MCoins.

An account can have an MCoin credit (that is, it can be negative):

  1. To avoid stopping an account's services right away when the account reaches 0.
  2. For corporations that should be invoiced afterward instead of paying upfront.

Account Workings

License keys are linked to a "price plan." If the license key is a calendar type of license, the price per hour is 0 but has an end date. If the license key is a "Used Time" type of license, it is not limited to calendar time but has a price.

Arguments for Why We Have the MCoin Payment System

  • If you run out of money in the middle of the week, you can pay your way out of the problem or wait.
  • You can use a small amount of the MCoin to test-run a global system (for a very short time) to prove a use case.
  • Regardless of where you run MDriven, you pay per time (minutes, days).
  • You can choose to run MDriven on your own hardware (on-prem) or via hired hardware (cloud) and only pay for the usage of MDriven components.
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