Capable Objects

Everything from Capable Objects has been moved here.

The company CapableObjects RE AB has moved all activity concerning the MDriven Designer, MDriven Turnkey, and MDriven Framework to MDriven AB.

All new and re-negotiated contracts concerning the MDriven products will be handled by MDriven AB via the MDriven site (old contracts may remain in CapableObjects RE AB).

Everyone that worked for CapableObjects RE AB now works for MDriven AB.

MDriven AB has a wider circle of owners than CapableObjects RE AB had and we are now better equipped for growth. MDriven AB is a privately held cooperation based in Stockholm, Sweden and has a satellite office in Kiev, Ukraine.

MDriven AB is partly owned by the incubator firm Kvadrat Inkubik (Sweden).

MDriven AB creates and maintains revolutionary tools that simplify information system development by many factors.

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