MDriven Designer Overview Series

The MDriven Designer Overview videos were created to provide an in-depth tutorial on how to create and operate your application. The MDriven Designer Overview sessions provide the answers to all the questions you might have during the operation process of our service.

This step-by-step guide will assist you in creating an MDriven Designer application.

Part 1 Introduction to the MDriven Designer

Part 2 OCL Editor, system prototyper and ViewModel

Part 3 WECPOF prototyper application

Part 4 Modal View Models and more

Part 5 Searching in databases

Part 6 openDocument reports

Part 7 Files and images in reports and UI

Part 8 Link Objects association classes

Part 9 MDriven Turnkey, cloud tools, and Access groups

Part 10 MDriven Designer Overview. Actions and navigation

Part 11 ViewModel Designer Updates

Actions And Viewmodels, MDriven Designer

Snapshots And Uploads (Keeping your model and database safe, as well as how to move them)

Actions Overhaul

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