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Intermediate MDriven Server Introduction

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Prototyping in the cloud with MDriven Server Now that we have had a brief look on how to prototype and store the data locally let us move on to storing the data in the cloud and enable a multi user prototyping scenario. The easiest way to store your MDriven data in the cloud is to use a MDriver server. MDriven server can be installed easily on the Microsoft cloud service Azure.

The information below is a bit dated - look at the video above for newer description on MDrivenServer.

You can sign up for a free try out account at Azure.


Azure 01.png

Azure 02.png

Go ahead and register a user, login and you get this:

MDriven Server 01.png

Now you have an MDriven Server that is used as your backend for a model driven application or prototyping session.

Our MDriven Server’s address: and to actually connect to it from an application we choose one of the 3 available slots A0,A1 or A2. If I choose A0 the connection address is