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ECO is the core engine for all MDriven applications.

It's the engine that given a UML model and a Persistence Mapper will help any .net application to handle the objects of that model in memory. ECO will via the Persistence Mapper help to dehydrate or hydrate objects from a persistent storage, ie a database.

ECO is also the name of a Visual Studio Plugin that brings ECO, Modlr, Derived Code, Derived DB scripts and Database Evolution to Visual Studio.

ECO is UI-agnostic – it does, however, contain parts that help with asynchronous access to persistence storage (good for WPF and a must for Silverlight), it contain parts for serializing a complete object graph into a cache (very useful for ASP.NET and MVC), also it contain parts that make it easy to bring objects from the model to a format that makes it easy to data bind to WindowsForms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET and ASP MVC.

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