WebAssembly 2020

Update and notes on WebAssembly (WASM) Status.

The WASM and MONO linkers strip stuff not discovered as important (used), and this has been an issue for MDriven since we do some reflection to determine what to use in runtime (after linker). This has caused exceptions with "missing method" information.

If you add a tagged value to the package "CodeGen.GenerateConstructorReferences", we will generate the use of certain important things that the linker before has stripped. You must add a reference to this new method to tie your code to this and avoid stripping by linker: YourPackage.ConstructorReferatorToAvoidLinkerStripping() .

Furthermore, the same issue exists for code-generated ViewModels, and you must call: ClassLibrary1.ViewModelCodeGen_ViewModel1.ViewModel1.ReferenceToAllConstructorsToHelpWasmLinker();

We will try to make use of the UNO framework together with MDriven to bring model-driven benefits and one source to all the most common platforms:

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