What is MDriven

MDriven is software modeling, prototyping, and execution made easy. You do not need to know Java or C# to test your ideas for advanced information handling. Learn how to model - you will get instant gratification. If you already know C# or Java, you will be amazed at how quickly you can verify your ideas with MDriven compared to alternative prototyping schemes.

Furthermore, MDriven can lead you to a finished system – in the cloud or on your server – with a web-based user interface or/and with a rich client application.

  • MDriven uses full-fledged relational databases as information storage and will scale with your needs.
  • MDriven is transparent in architecture - you will never lose control over your data.
  • With MDriven, you can continuously progress systems, making you agile.
  • MDriven is like having a software developer made of software – that does what you say extremely fast.

If you often use Excel to handle information, MDriven will strike you as a more type-safe, precise, and efficient way to get things done quickly and have them stay done.

If you used to write requirements for software with text, images, and mockups, MDriven can change the way you interact with stakeholders and developers – removing a lot of confusion and speeding up the process.

Modeling will make you think further and faster about information.

MDriven is free to use for up to 50 information classes – enough for even non-trivial systems.

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