Working with legacy Handles

Before the invention of declarative ViewModels, you got data into views with different types of handles.

These are still available today in VS2022, but we do not recommend using these for new stuff since the ViewModels are superior in many ways (maintenance, efficient fetch, type checking, element usage tracking, etc.).

The handles show up in the toolbox for relevant designers like WinForms-form designer and EcoSpace designer:

2022-08-02 08h51 12.png

When you try to use them or set up an expression in one of them, you may experience an issue like this:

"You have version x of the MDrivenFramework installed, but version y on the assemblies in the solution"

2022-08-02 08h46 10.png

To fix this, you should have the same version of the MDriven VS2022-vsx installed as you use in the Nuget packages in your solution.

The best way to get on track:

  1. Install the latest MDrivenFramework
  2. Update the ECO/MDriven Nuget packages in the solution to use the same version number
  3. Recompile the solution


If you have gone through the steps above but still get the same experience, this problem is probably related to old GACced versions on MDriven Assemblies.

The GAC (Global assembly cache of .net) was used by MDrivenFramework for VS2019 and earlier.

To remove the GAC assemblies, simply uninstall VS2019. You may also need to clear the GAC manually - do this by opening this folder as admin: C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL

  • Delete folders in here named: Eco.* and MDriven.* and WECPOFLogic
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