The central communication between an MDriven application and its Remote Persistence Layer is handled by PersistenceProvider. During the many iterations of development, this has been implemented with RPC, WCF(until recently the current) and the new implementation is WebApi.

To use WebAPI communication instead of WCF, utilize the new PersistenceMapperWEBAPIClient (MDriven.Net.Http.dll) instead of PersistenceMapperWCFClient. On the server, subclass the public abstract class MDrivenPersistenceController<T> : ApiController (MDriven.Persistence.WebApi.dll).

How to Switch From WCF to WebAPI

Suppose you have this now:

yourEcoSpace.PersistenceMapper = persistenceMapperWCFClient;
persistenceMapperWCFClient.Uri = "https://YourServerMDrivenServer/APP_A0/A0_PMPWCF.svc";

All you have to do to use WebApi instead of WCF is create an instance of PersistenceMapperWEBAPIClient and do this:

yourEcoSpace.PersistenceMapper = persistenceMapperWEBAPIClient;
persistenceMapperWEBAPIClient.Uri = "https://YourServerMDrivenServer/api/A0_WebApi";

Create a Server

2023-07-24 14h01 12.png

In a IIS-WebApp (or similair) I suggest a folder WebAPI, in this create a new WebApiController

Change used superclass to use the MDrivenPersistenceController<YourPMP>

public class A0_WebApiController : MDrivenPersistenceController<YourPMP>
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