Store complaint handling

What is it?

Handling Customer Complaints for a Store

This is the complete app, model, and example data for a clothing shop, to help staff handle customer complaints professionally.


How to use it

The MDriven database image contains, in addition to the model, the following:

  1. User interface messages for all states
  2. Two users
    • (store employee)
    • (system manager)
    • The password is "password" for both users
  3. 200 fake complaints in various states of handling
  4. MDrivenServer log-on
    • User: "a"
    • Password: "password"


You can download the complete database copy here:

Key Features (For Users)

  1. Complaint tracking
  2. Tracking what information has reached the customer
  3. Internal notes
  4. Customer chat using QR-code for easy customer access
  5. Tracking the following use cases:
    • The complaint process' current state
    • Decision process:
      • Store decision
      • Supplier decision
      • Manager decision
    • Where the broken product is (complaint product)
    • A replacement product (from the supplier)
    • Exchange product (from supplier or store)
    • Reimbursement for the customer
    • Reimbursement from the supplier to the store
    • Credit tracking
  6. Staff to-do list
  7. User editable messages
  8. Automatic event tracking
  9. Multiple stores
    • Address information
    • Logo

Key Features (For Developers)

  • Very complex setup of state machines
  • Summary views
  • Login handling
  • User management views
  • User rights setup
  • Derived attributes and associations to ease user interface creation
  • Uploading and showing images
  • Automatic logging on state changes
  • Binding information to state machines (messages in this example)
  • Serverside assignment of numbering
  • QR-code setup for linking to applications
  • Printing setup of ViewModel
  • AngularJS dynamic styling

Content Examples

Main classes
State machines
Complaint view
Mobile chat view
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