MockoType is MDrivenDesigner started in simplified mode.


Mockotype has its own product page here:

Mockotype has its own Youtube playlist found here:

Main Functionality in Mockotype:

  • Class-definitions and diagrams
  • OCL derivation of attributes and association ends
  • ActionLanguage implementation of methods (OCL with side effects)
  • ViewModels Including AutoForms
  • Prototyping Local Turnkey XML persistence
  • Debugger on model instances
  • Documentation Functionality
  • Turnkey Assets and Fashion - including Fashion_with_tagexpander

The Following Functionality is Not Available in Mockotype:

  • ReverseDatabase
  • Enterprise Process Information
  • Local servers
  • MDrivenServer Upload
  • MDrivenServer prototyping
  • SQL Prototyping and Evolve
  • ServerSide ViewModels
  • CodeGen
  • VisualStudio integration
  • State machines
  • Access Groups
  • Data Migrate
  • Debugger towards History-server


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