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There may be more or less than 1000 steps in this learning experience. To learn, however, start at step 1 and ensure you master the steps in order. Soon, you will be a productive information modeler bringing business value to your customers at an unprecedented speed.

What is the 1000 Steps Program?

The 1000 Steps to MDriven is an educational package where we unravel the mysteries of the MDriven tools, step by step. Our mission? To take you from a novice to a proficient user, and beyond, all while keeping things engaging and easy to grasp.

We'll guide you through more than a hundred, maybe even two hundred, meticulously crafted steps until you're equipped to wield MDriven's capabilities effectively. Our purpose is to guide you through a series of small and unintimidating baby steps with clear instructions. You may not be a maestro when you meet your first client, but you'll have the knowledge to navigate the terrain, and to know where to start your quest for solutions.

Whether you want to dive deep into the tool or simply produce results that matter, you need to learn the ropes. Building information systems for real-world applications can be complex, but life itself is intricate. We're here to demystify MDriven, making it accessible for anyone eager to explore its potential. We show the ropes to anyone eager to find out fairly easily, ensuring that you can revisit and refresh your knowledge whenever needed. Each step comes with a video tutorial, making it as natural as if we were right there with you.

We start with modeling and handling the tool, adding classes, and dragging on associations because when we have been in a classroom, it has been difficult for people to try the tool for the first time. Quite a few have managed to create an association to self, encountering errors and struggling with how to delete them. This is why we invest extra effort into these first steps, ensuring you not only escape pitfalls but also grasp the mechanics, including the reasons why we separate the model as a repository with all the classes versus the diagrams that only show part of what is in the model.

Our goal is to help you cover vast ground, all while taking small, manageable steps. So, if you're ready to explore MDriven, take that first step with us!

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Enjoy the experience!