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The 1000 steps program to MDriven Chapter 16

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This is Chapter 16. If you want to go back to the beginning, you can find it here: Chapter 1. Or go back to Chapter 15.

MDrivenEducationVideo Chapter 16:

Chapter 16

Consider the lifecycle of the Car. It is created in the Factory and then sold to a CarDealer.

  • We clean up the Main menu and move "New car" into new views for CarFactory.

493. Sort the main menu items into menu groups.

494. Delete one of the double PersonSeeker actions.

495. Make sure your servers run.

496. Check if there are changes when you upload the model.

497. Upload the model to make sure that the Turnkey server sees your menu changes.

498. Understand why CarSeeker requires a login - find the reference to the access group.

499. Understand the difference between having the access group on the action vs. having it on the view in the context of the discussion in the video regarding deep links.

500. Create a new car and verify everything works. Get a registration number fairly quickly after saving.

501. Create a new CarFactorySeeker. Use the UI-first Copy Seeker Autoform to get a suggestion really fast.

502. Clean up the columns you don't want in the Seeker result.

503. Add the Global action that shows the CarFactorySeeker to the Views menu group. The action was created by the "Copy Seeker Autoform" UI-first function.

504. Add a ViewModel action NewCar and set its expression to CarFactory.Create

505. Follow the video and update the expression with a "let" construct to also give a name to the new factory.

506. Save and upload the model. Verify the CarFactorySeeker

507. Add a new Class action ShowFactory. This action should bring a Document form showing a specific factory.

508. Add a new CarFactory ViewModel. Set its class and set the checkbox - it requires a root.

509. Back to the action - set the ViewModel and set rootobject to self.

510. Back to the ViewModel - UI-First - Copy Document form.

511. Clean up the view to remove things we don't want by following the video.

512. Understand the different ways to remove ViewModel columns and widgets.

513. Check the actions on CarSeeker ViewModel. Delete the NewCar action from this view.

514. In the CarFactoryView, add a NewCar action.

515. In the Execute expression, create a new car. Use a let construct and set the CarOwner to the current factory.

516. Clean up the columns as in the video.

517. Save and upload the model.

518. Verify that the CarFactorySeeker brings up the CarFactoryView for the selected CarFactory.

519. Test the NewCar action and save. Verify that you get a new registration number.

520. A factory is tied to a specific brand - but our model does not yet reflect this fact.

521. In the main class diagram, create a new association between CarFactory and BrandOfCar.

  • The CarFactory has 0..1 BrandOfCar and the BrandOfCar has 0 to many (0..*) CarFactories (there can be many BMW factories, but a BMW factory can only make one brand of cars - BMW).

522. Now, amend the NewCar action in the CarFactoryView to also assign the BrandOfCar for the created car to the value of BrandOfCar on the factory.

523. In the CarFactoryView, we also want to set what BrandOfCar this factory is producing. Add a ComboBox that lists all BrandOfCars and assigns to the CarFactory.BrandOfCar single association.

524. Save the model and go to the cloud dialog. Click the "changes" button. Now we should see that the db-schema must be updated to reflect the new foreign key in CarFactory to hold the BrandOfCar key.

525. Upload the model. Verify that the database has been evolved by "check server status".

526. In the CarFactory's list of cars, add the column to show the BrandOfCar.

527. In the video, I mistakenly deleted the factory - this was due to the action "Delete this" being close to the "New Car", so I assumed that the delete was for the car - but it was for the factory. Give the "Delete this" action a better name like "Delete This Factory".

528. Find the CarFactoryView's action ShowFactory and follow the discussion in the video on why this is worthless here - but necessary in other places - and do an opt-out in this position to clean the options up a bit.

529. Create a few (5) new cars. Save with them getting unique registration numbers.

530. Since the factory creates cars, it will not actually purchase any cars, so we can remove the "DocumentForSales" grid and the controls that belong to it from the view.

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