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MDriven is really a rule engine that given a UML model and a Persistence Mapper will help any .net runtime to handle the objects of that model in memory. MDriven will via the Persistence Mapper help to de-hydrate or hydrate objects from a persistent storage, ie a database.

MDriven is also the name of a Visual Studio Plugin that brings MDriven, Modlr, Derived Code, Derived DB scripts and Database Evolution to Visual Studio.

MDriven is UI agnostic – it does however contain parts that help with asynchronous access to persistence storage (good for WPF ), it contain parts for serializing a complete object graph into a cache (very useful for ASP.NET and MVC), also it contain parts that makes it easy to bring objects from the model to a format that makes it easy to databind to WindowsForms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET and ASP MVC - and also to help MDrivenTurnkey to stream objects and changes to a thin client (for example built in Javascript).

ORM – object relational mapping

ORM is the process of turning rows in a relational database into objects – MDriven does this with flying colors – and it does not even stop to blink…


Modlr is the graphical editor that helps with model creation. Modlr happens to be built with MDriven – we had another modeling tool at first – created a meta model – that we built the Modlr logic on – using WPF as the UI engine – but nowadays Modlr is maintained with Modlr.


WECPOF is a prototyping technology that takes a model created with Modlr and with a few extensions regarding ViewModels with UI-hints and Action definitions that Modlr offers, allow for the model to execute just like an application would – strictly declarative. Great for prototyping and great for standard UI that you want to get consistent through out your application.

MDriven Designer

MDriven Designer is much like MDriven without Visual Studio and Without coding. You can load MDriven files into MDrivenDesigner and you can load MDrivenDesigner files into MDriven for VS. You might want to use the Designer when meeting the client – give MDriven Designer to the client – or you might manage all your work with MDriven Designer – no license for Visual Studio is needed to run the Designer. Whenever you need to have complete code that represents your model, and whenever you want to focus on serious system development in a multi user environment with high scalability and low maintenance footprint – Use MDriven for Visual Studio with your Designer files.


A ViewModel in Modlr is a series of transformation expressions that turn a part of the model into a potentially transformed view of the model.

ViewModels in Modlr also allow for catching UI-hints for each such transformation. These hints can along with the resulting type of the transformation be used to declaratively derive a user interface. MDriven comes with UI-components for WindowsForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, Unity 3D and Angular JS (via MDriven Turnkey) that transforms such a ViewModel with UI-hints into a user interface.


EA-Information is a series of information elements that we catch in Modlr that describes the different aspects of a business. It allows you to catch processes, actors, applications, information and infrastructure in a cross referenced way to help you understand and communicate how the business works. Use this early in your design process and never stop – you will get great results in your projects as you have the overview and understanding of everything.