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Complete model examples

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SVG - Move boxes around

In this example, we create objects represented by SVG graphics - that react to mouse events so that they can be moved around and saved.
2020-05-31 17h14 29.png
Download it here: SvgInteractionMoveBoxesAround.modlr

Google Maps to Show and Update Positions

The example shows how to place a marker on a google map, track the setting of the map, and move the marker. For production, you will need your own API key from Google.
2020-05-31 19h31 33.png
Download the file here: GoogleMapWithMarkers.modlr

A Trello-like Board With Cards You Can Move Between Lists

Kanban boards can be used for many things: move cards between lists, click up a card, add new cards, etc.
2020-05-31 22h59 58.png
Download the file here: TrelloLikeBoard.modlr

Markup Editor TinyMCE

Lets your users produce rich HTML text.
2021-04-02 17h00 48.png
Download the file here: HtmlEditor.modlr

Gantt Chart Interactive

When you need to show and interact with data in a timeline:
2021-04-13 09h30 34.png
Download the file here: GanttChartInteractive.modlr