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Category:OCL String Operators

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String Operators

Operators Description
Escape codes Escape (special) characters used in OCL
StringToAnsiBase64 Convert a string to an ANSI (1252) and as a base64 string
StringToEncodedBase64 Convert a string to a specific encoding and as a base64 string. For example Western European (ISO) Codepage 28591
size () : Integer Returns the number of characters composing self.
subString Returns the substring of the string operated on. The substring starts at parameter 1 and ends at parameter 2. The counting is 1-based.
toInteger () : Integer Returns self with all characters converted to lowercase.
toLower () : String Returns self with all characters converted to lowercase.
toReal () : Real Returns a Real of value equal to self, or |invalid| if self does not represent a real.
toUpper () : String Returns self with all characters converted to uppercase.

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