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Category:OCL Number Operators

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Number Operators

In addition to the basic math functions (+, -, /, \*), there are a number of advanced functions. Take note that *Number* denotes both *Integer* and *Real*, and they're substitutive unless otherwise specified.

Operators Description
Number::abs () : Number Returns the absolute value of selfself if it is already a positive number.
Number::floor () : Integer Returns the integer part of self if it is a Real, self if it is an Integer.
Number::max ( r : Number ) : Number Returns the greatest number between self and *r*.
Number::min ( r : Number ) : Number Returns the lowest number between self and *r*.
Number::round () : Integer Returns the nearest integer to self if it is a Real, self if it is an Integer.
Number::ieeereminder(r:Number):Integer Reminder of division with r, ie modulus or mod or %
Integer::div ( i : Integer ) : Integer Returns the integer quotient of the division of self by *i*.
Integer::mod ( i : Integer ) : Integer Returns the integer remainder of the division of self by *i*.

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