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We cannot confirm that there will be exactly 1000 steps, as there may be more. To learn, however, you can start at step 1 and make sure you master the steps in order. Soon, you will be a productive information modeler bringing business value to your customers at an unprecedented speed.

What is the 1000 Steps Program?

The 1000 Steps to MDriven is an introduction to M-driven. It is a learning package starting from the very beginning, explaining everything in the smallest detail, but with constant forward progress to learn one more thing. At some point, after about 100 or 200 steps, you will know enough about the handicraft to actually start to "talk" and express yourself with the tools.

Looking ahead, there will be quite a few steps once you have gone through a sort of happy path from knowing nothing to actually producing web applications. You might not be fluent in everything when you meet your first customer client, but at least you will know that things exist and where to start looking to find things.

The purpose is to guide through a series of super small steps - baby steps. It's just click and do this, click and do that, in a simple and unscary way. If you want to get into the tool all the way, or at least produce something that gives real results, you need to learn the house. In the end, we can't shy away from building information systems for real life even though it is a bit complicated because real life is complicated. We show the ropes to anyone who is intrigued to at least be able to find out fairly easily how to do it without making a great mystery of how MDriven works.

The great thing about having it documented in baby steps is that once you're on your merry way and far beyond it, you might still want to go back and check a specific thing at a later date. All the steps are accompanied by a video, showing every single thing we do, in a way that feels as natural as possible. We started with modeling and just handling the tool, adding classes, and dragging on associations. We do this because when we have been in a classroom, it has not been simple for people to try the tool for the first time. Quite a few have managed to create an association to self and not found it while getting a lot of errors and not understanding how to delete it. That is why we put some effort into these first steps to just being able to get out of trouble and also know how the mechanics work and the separation of the model as a repository with all the classes versus the diagrams that only show part of what's in the model. Even though the steps are extremely small, we cover so much ground, which is the main objective of this.

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