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SoapCall is an OCL operator on selfVM available in any ViewModel.

SoapCall(targeturl,action,actionnamespace, user, pwd, nestingWithParams,passwordDigest,SOAPAction)
  • Calls Soap actionnamespace:action on targeturl - with params found in nesting. User and pwd are needed if the Soap service requires them.
  • PasswordDigest - if pwd is sent as a clear text or if nonce createtime and hash are used.
  • SOAPAction - the SOAPAction header attribute value

When your SOAP request requires the use of multiple namespaces, you will need to provide those by a special notation.

Add ViewModelColumns that denote a namespace by prefixing with ns - for example, nsTheNameSpace = 'http://something'. You can then make SoapCall use this namespace on an element by prefixing with nsTheNameSpace_ for example, nsTheNameSpace_SomeElement='self.someattribute'


Note that the namespace defined in the call will define nsAction namespace.