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MDriven for dummies

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MDriven for Dummies - series where you as a beginer will learn about MDriven, layering on user knowledge to create simple application. Keep calm and take one step at a time.

In these series, we will try to create a chat system.

👉1. Firstly, let's sketch how it should look and create a small UML diagram based on that simple visualization in MDriven Designer. Get a basic introduction to Classes, Attributes, and Associations.
⭐ Bonus: Useful tips!

👉2. Create a view, so that we can see that classes acting in the way we want them to. (Very first ViewModel!) You will learn what is Nested ViewModels, operators (OCL), Global Actions and prototyper. That's where the Designer "magic" begins - see how you can get from a small diagram to an actual view containing set information and actions.
⭐ Bonus: try to prototype and get a sneak peak of how your view will look.

👉3. Take a deeper look into modelling and learn how to store, access and display information with variables.
⭐Bonus: made use of Modal ViewModel benefits.