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MDriven Stylesheet

Learn OCL

MDriven Server

Reverse engineer a database

About ViewModels

Using the model debugger to change the model itself

Importing Data

How to use vCurrent and “self” correctly in viewmodels


Catching more information in your model

Import xml and JSon with MDriven

Segmenting definition and logic

PSExpression , or how to do things in the DB from MDriven


Microsoft office and OpenDocument as a Report generator

Making sense of legacy data–DB Reverse

AutoForms–get more with less faster

Declarative ViewModels coming feature – GroupBox

MDrivenServer Slack web hook

Faster prototyping with Turnkey

Reverse Derivation

Complexity shows up almost immediately–get the tools to manage it

Moving your work from MDriven Designer to MDriven Framework

Import data from other SQL servers

Access groups

Getting taggedvalues in runtime without code

Calling base class

Type mapping, OR-Mapping

Different types of bugs

Modlr plugin

What about HasUserCode in Enterprise Core Objects – MDriven Framework

Using different WCF Bindings with Enterprise Core Objects – ECO – MDriven framework

Diagrams in Diagrams

ViewModel validations

The multi variable seeker

Enumerations in Modlr

The ViewModel

The oclSingleton ocl operator

Ever felt the need to log what your ECO persistence server is up to?

Ditch Sparx today

MDriven Designer–a new Rename function to save you time

Declarative ViewModels and Taborder

What an Action can do


UI First–or information first?

Updates to AutoForm and Debugger after latest feedback

Visual Studio Code

SOAP the protocol from the stone age

Rendering the MDriven Turnkey application yourself

REST services and MDriven Turnkey

I accidently pushed upload model instead of download model–help

Getting safe–limited–meta information from a Turnkey app

QR-Code to drive a workflow in any MDriven turnkey app

Calling your own c# .net things from Turnkey–server side

Unity 3D and MDriven

MDrivenServer with Windows authentication

Snippets–the productivity booster

How to use the ExecutePS function in selfVM

Statemachines forcing your hand even if you are admin

How to access your Turnkey site with FTP

Turnkey App Current state: Paused

Explaining “The ViewModel does not require a root object” warning

Time zones and sanity–post for future reference

Overriding AngularJS MDriven Turnkey Views

Getting started template for MDriven MVC


MySQL–notes to support the use of MySQL with MDriven

MVC White paper in 4 parts

Information hygiene

Comboboxes in MVC from model driven ViewModel

Side effects

MDriven Designer and Modlr extensions–exporting data

Seeing everything that is persisted

Scaling MDrivenServer for multiple reasons

High or low exposure to risk

Derivation is not available in the database

Working with Code and Persistence Mapping

Further Linq enhancements

MVC View Model constraints

MVC View Model handling

Logging what MDriven does



Documtr and XPS

Background and architecture

Getting to the bottom of the Line of Business Application

Main concepts definition

The ViewModel

ViewModel for Business

MDriven features and benefits

Information security

Access control system in MDriven

Using other than standard Persistence Mappers per attribute

Reality and the theoretical best model

Build Enterprise Information Systems

If I had the money for a full page ad in Wired, it would say this

Philosophy–where lies the value

Business Delete Rules


What is it?

Enterprise architect information

Knowing nothing, where to begin

Model Driven

Getting MDriven benefits on devices

MDriven Product Line

User paid extensions

Source code license