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Advanced Corrupt MDriven Server

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We have seen cases where the admin admin db __MDrivenServer/App_data/DatabaseCompact.sdf has been corrupted between deploys and will not evolve correctly.

For this scenario a tool exists to help to move the admin_ECO_ORMAPPING from a similair/same versioned db into the corrupt one.

Download the db.

Use the tool found here: C:\CapableObjectsWush\source\AppCompleteGeneric\AppCompleteGenericFixCorruptAdminDB\

What the tool does is:

  1. given two compact dbs - read ECO_ORMAPPING into TextBox
  2. allow to read ECO_ORMAPPING from TextBox into db2

How to use: download db, find same version db, read ECO_ORMAPPING from correct - possibly manually update if no correct version is found - apply mapping to corrupt db.