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Turnkey sample InstantPoll

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As I was invited to a Meetup event by Thomas Javing at Regent. My talk was about MDriven. It was a pleasant experience and I met with a lot of interested people. But the thing that Thomas did in the beginning caught my eye. He had set up an instant poll and engaged the audience with some trivia about their company. Everyone participated in the poll by using their mobile – just scanning a QR-Code to get started – and I think everyone had a fun 10 minutes. The result for each question was shown by the projector and everything was updated in real time. I thought that this was a great example of how the web can be very local and very interactive as well as world wide. I was impressed! So I decided to “steal” the idea by implementing the very same thing with MDriven.

Script to download File:DatabaseCompact

To make your experience more comfortable, we set the main tags mentioned in the video to the right bar menu of this mini player. Choose the interesting subtitle on the list and immediately get to the exact theme navigation-itemplace in the video. Now you can pick any topic to be instructed without watching the whole video.