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Tagged value obscurity–remedy

From MDrivenWiki

Today the MDriven Tagged Value handling was changed to the better.

We need the tagged values for many things – but increasingly much to influence fine tune details of Modernity.

The model – or Gist – should not need to know about Modernity. Still controlling the abilities of the modernity must be practical and efficient – Tagged values is the best option.

The problem is having a lot of tagged values defined in modernity that is not really known in the Gist makes developing complete systems hard – since they require that Gist and Modernity play well together.

This has been a long time headache – how can we offer a good middle-ground to make specific modernity tagged values available in the the tool of the Gist.


Today we introduce the wiki-backed-tagged-value-editor:

Tagged -1 .png

This editor shows up wherever the tagged values are accessed. You can press the Refresh From Wiki button to update the help information  available.

It will download and create type sensitive help found and maintained on this wiki page:

Tagged - 2.png

The new Tagged Value editor – recognize the type you work on and filter your options – it also gives you a brief usage hint. If the Tagged Value is multiple it will offer you these values and make your correct TV-definition easier.