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Starting with MDriven Turnkey

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MDriven Turnkey is a new way to develop internet applications. MDriven Turnkey is based on proven technologies like JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MDriven Framework, Azure and SQLServer. You subscribe to an MDriven Turnkey site that holds your application. Your application is truly yours and there are no per user fees or restriction. However need for additional performance may trigger extra costs. You can at any navigation-item retrieve all your data and end your subscription. There is no lock in.

To make your experience more comfortable, we set the main tags mentioned in the video to the right bar menu of this mini player. Choose the interesting subtitle on the list and immediately get to the exact theme navigation-itemplace in the video. Now you can pick any topic to be instructed without watching the whole video.

Redeem Turnkey Token Model with MDriven designer Upload model Editing the model
When you work with Turnkey you are advised to always run the latest MDriven Designer. The latest MDriven Designer is always available via this link MDriven Designer

The link is a ClickOnce application installer – that will refresh MDriven Designer to the latest version before starting.

ClickOnce works natively in Internet Explorer but requires a plugin for Chrome and for Firefox.

Recommended Chrome plugin:  Chrome

Recommended Firefox plugin: Firefox