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Plugins in Modlr

From MDrivenWiki

The Modelling logic central to MDrivenDesigner and MDriven for VisualStudio has a Plugin infrastructure.

The infrastructure is described in further detail here Modlr plugin

It loads plugins located in the path decided by this code:

private const string RegKeyName = @"Software\CapableObjects\Modlr";
public static void LoadPlugIns()
  string path = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData);
  path += @"\CapableObjects\Plugins";
  Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey key = Microsoft.Win32.Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(RegKeyName);
  if (key != null)
    path = key.GetValue("PluginPath",path) as string;

As the code shows you can override that path by createing a registry value:

2018-01-08 10h57 06.png