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OCLOperators constraints

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The operator return both meta information about a class's constraints and if it's currently broken.

The return value is a collection of Tuple containing the following

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. IsDeleteConstraint: True/False
  4. ErrorLevel: #Information, #Warning or #Error
  5. Broken:Evaluated and Subscribed state of the constraint

To check if any constraint with error level Error is broken;

self.constraints->select(c|(c.ErrorLevel = #Error) and c.Broken)->isEmpty  -- Returns True if no errors

Returning a collection of Descriptions of broken Warning constraints;

self.constraints->select(c|(c.ErrorLevel = #Warning) and c.Broken)->collect(c|c.Description)
Please note

This operator earlier resulted in a array of booleans with the constraint result. To get the same functionality now, add .broken=false to the end of the previous expression.

Like this, used with forAll;

2021-10-10 10h56 59.gif

See also: Constraints, OCLOperators brokenConstraints