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MDriven features and benefits

From MDrivenWiki

Below are some selling points we usually bring forward when describing what MDriven can do for you:

  • Model driven development – Faster with better quality and easier to maintain – what is not to like?
  • Model beautiful diagrams
  • Bend and transform your model with ViewModels
  • Derive database from your model
  • For the database of your choice – SQLServer, Oracle, MySql and more
  • Evolve the database as you change your model, Keep your data
  • Derive UI’s from your ViewModels
  • Use the ViewModels to prototype or deploy declarative user interfaces
  • User interface agnostic; WPF, AngularJS, MVC
  • Document your model and publish
  • Reverse engineer existing database and use Model with all the other tools
  • Define User interface validation rules in ViewModels
  • Add behavioral rules with State machines
  • Control read/write and visibility state in ViewModels declaratively with OCL
  • Take advantages for fully subscribed derived attributes and associations
  • Take advantages of UML inheritance
  • Catch the processes in your domain and map them to information use
  • Derive and Update .net code for a complete Domain Model
  • Merge and mix your code with derived code
  • Use with C# or stay in UML and OCL
  • Write your own persistence mappers to support your own storage
  • Use XMLPersistanceMapper to save to file
  • Tier your solution with client and server persistence mapper
  • Hook up the built in Sync server and propagate changes between clients
  • Use the built in Undo/Redo mechanism to make users happy
  • Prototype faster than ever with Turnkey technologies
  • Use Object Constraint Languange- OCL (Part of UML standard) to navigate your model
  • Use Linq to rumble thru the domain layer
  • Use Linq to rumble thru the database
  • Appreciate the optimized fetch on demand that conserve SQL traffic
  • Use the declarative pre-fetch mechanisms to get better speed where needed
  • Define declarative actions to get prototyping or deploy of complete declarative applications
  • Be amazed by the code reduction you get when the framework fully understand Associations
  • Use Association classes the way they were meant to be used
  • Add your own extensions to diagrams and show them as symbols
  • Add enumeration types to get self-explanatory precision in your data
  • Use “the dirt simple to use” object versioning mechanism to keep domain history
  • Your server and client implementation use standard WCF
  • Your UI use standard Xaml, or Html5
  • Use OCL queries or Linq to access data from database
  • Develop design time plugins and extend what you use your model for
  • Use the TaggedValue extensions to catch additional information

CapableObjects is an independent privately held company that formed 2007.

Your understanding of information systems will change if you look at it from our angle. We do not know everything but we know models .

  • You can start using it for definition today – you will use it for production when you are ready
  • You can use it for prototyping or production deploy
  • You can use it to document enterprise architecture to find the important associations between processes and information
  • Use it as a proof of concept and prove your concepts before investing in them
  • Relax after work – knowing that you can manage all conceivable changes that might be needed tomorrow