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Diagrams in Diagrams

From MDrivenWiki

In AppComplete you can create three types of diagrams

1. Class Diagrams

Diagram -1.png

2. State Diagrams

Diagram -2.png

3. Process Diagrams

Diagram -3.png

What at least I think is very cool is that any diagram can hold any other diagram (new from December). So you can get all information in one diagram:

Diagram -4.png

You cannot work in the placed diagrams – but if you double click them you will navigate to them.

Recurse Diagrams

If you are like me you probably ask yourself “can I recurse the diagrams”? Lets have a look what happens when I take the Class diagram from above that shows two placed diagrams (one state diagram and one process diagram) and add it to the Process diagram – that then should show up how many times?

Diagram -6.png

Cool – but the we hold of the recursion to 2 levels – I had to – or my mind would melt…

Lets switch back to the class diagram:

Diagram -7.png

Cool – I like it. I Like WPF!