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Calling base class

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EAL (Eco Action Language) is fantastic as it allows you to create a complete system without bringing out visual studio or c# at all (nothing is wrong with c# – but it is amazing to be able to execute the model alone). But it had a limitation: when overriding methods there was no way to call the base class implementation of the method.

Now that is fixed by introducing the EAL operation “base” – works just as in c#:

Base class - 1.png

Given the OnCreate method (that is called when a object is created).

The RootClass.OnCreate

Base class - 2.png

And the Person.OnCreate

Base class - 3.png

Note the self.base.OnCreate call that calls the superclass implementation of OnCreate (just as in c#)

And when creating a new Person I get this output:

Base class - 4.png

…as in the RootClass added “RA ” and the Person added “PA ”