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What is it?

"BaseApp" is a model you can start with if you want some or all of these functions ready to go:

  1. Onboarding
    • Send an email confirmation email
    • Ask users for more information when registering
    • Send welcome email
  2. Reset password email and screens
  3. Manage logins (SysUsers)
  4. Debugging
    • Global "DBG" action and dashboard for switching between users and checking login status
    • Special screen for handling fake user creation for testing purposes
  5. Environment settings
    • Implementation available to manage Dev/Test/Prod environments and to have them separated in different access groups
  6. User modes
    • Implements a basis for the user to switch "modes/roles" within the app
    • Special Admin mode implemented for admin menus and test setup
  7. Email
    • Logging and viewing outgoing emails and problems
    • Have email templates and some screens based on editable HTML templates
    • Editing email templates within your app
    • Flexible ViewModels for merging with dynamically edited templates
  8. Notifications
    • User notification system to notify your users of things happening.
    • Can send emails based on notification timeout
  9. Server jobs
    • View for debugging SysAsync jobs
    • Page for managing the modeled task scheduler
  10. Data analysis
    • Complete calendar in the model and database for use as dimensions
  11. Example of how to detect the CodeDress problem


This is provided as is. It's an extract from larger models used in various projects.

  • Some features are meant to be put into work by subclassing and implementing further to come to full use.

The Model

You can use this as a starting point or you can merge it with most of the other examples and template models.